Professor Ian Harper, one of Australia’s most respected economists, will tell this month’s 13th Annual Investment Administration Conference that he would like to see another inquiry into the financial system, given the repercussions of the global financial crisis.

Harper, the former chair of the Fair Prices Commission and a consultant with Access Economics, will open the 13th annual Investment Administration conference in Sydney on February 23.

He first called for a broad inquiry shortly after the initial shocks to the financial system in 2007 and says that he believes one is required now, notwithstanding the Cooper and Henry inquiries already underway.

Professor Harper, who was at Melbourne Business School from 1992 until joining Access in 2008, will discuss the big shifts in regulation of the financial system being considered around the world and put these into context with how Australia’s system evolved through the 20th century.

Also at the conference, produced by Investment & Technology in association with the Australian Custodial Services Association, a panel of industry association representatives will attempt to predict some of the outcomes from the current inquiries.

Fiona Reynolds, chief executive of AIST, John O’Shaughnessy, deputy chief executive of IFSA, and Andrea Slattery, chief executive of SPAA, will discuss the various submissions and responses to the inquiries with Russell Mason, worldwide partner of Mercer.

Mason will also chair a session, with Mark Thomas of van Eyk Research, on the repercussions for the wider industry of the financial planning sector’s shift away from commissions.


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