Academic and former funds manager Frank Ashe has joined a leading Beijing-based law firm as specialist risk management consultant.

Ashe, who is also the president of Australia’s Q Group of quantitative practitioners, has become the risk specialist at S&P Law Firm, which stands for ‘Shang Gong Partners’.

S&P tends to specialize in work for financial services companies in China.

Ashe, who is a part-time associate professor at Macquarie University’s Applied Finance Centre, has previously headed up quant strategies for the former County Investment management (now Invesco) and the former Legal & General (now part of Colonial).

With Macquarie Uni he has been lecturing in China for the past six years at Tsing Hua University in Beijing, which uses Macquarie’s capabilities for its Masters of Applied Finance course.

Ashe said that he spent about 40 per cent of time on his academic work and 60 per cent on his consulting business, including the new contract with S&P.
His work in risk management is not confined to the funds management but encompasses all areas of risk in business.

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