Each super fund member has a ‘money personality,’ and this should be recognised by funds in their communications to members, according to a specialist finance educator.

Through Innergi, the company he co-founded, Matt Linnert has helped financial professionals better understand the behaviour of their clients or members by categorising them among four individual inner ‘money personalities’ – owl, dolphin, monkey and Labrador.

The animals do not bear any significant relevance to peoples’ financial habit, but provide a fun means of categorising members by identifying general behavioural traits.

Innergi has developed a questionnaire of 41 questions to determine traits that relate to each type of ‘inner animal’. The questions are based on a theoretical framework that identifies six different core behavioural preferences.

“If a super fund can be assisted to engage their members, I think it’s good for the super funds – it’s good for the member and, through that, it’s good for the whole Australian community,” Linnert said.

Linnert will expand upon these concepts in his presentation at the FEAL Fund Executive Forum, which is being held next week on Thursday February 10 at Sebel Pier One in Sydney.

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