Paul Sayer is to leave his post as chief operating officer of REST Superannuation to become chief executive of TWU Super.

Sayer will become the fourth chief executive TWU Super in the space of two years. Debora Jackson, who took over from Bill McMillin in January 2013, left the fund towards the end of last year for personal reasons and was replaced by Frank Sandy as acting chief executive officer.

Sayer, who will assume the role at the end of this month, is a specialist in senior operations management roles. He joined REST in 2006 as chief operating officer and previously served in senior operations roles at ING, Burns Philp and AMP.

The $3.3 billion TWU Super fund was last year awarded a AAA status for demonstrating high quality across all operational levels and delivery components to members. Its balanced fund acheived returns of 6.67 per cent after fees over ten years to the end of June 2013.

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