Changing careers can be daunting at the best of times, not least when you’re trying to recover from an injury. Yet, as Phil’s story shows, reskilling to a new trade can often provide a way forward.

While a road accident at the age of 17 had left him with a serious leg injury, Phil’s real troubles began years later when his knee gave out during a morning run. Twelve months on (and twelve surgeries later), things weren’t looking any better. Returning to work as a traffic controller simply wasn’t an option; but, for Phil, remaining unemployed wasn’t either. At his lowest point, Phil reached out to AIA Australia’s rehabilitation team, half-expecting to be sent back to work. Instead, he was given the opportunity to retrain as a qualified mortgage broker. To put Phil’s story in the language of his new profession, the long-term investment he put into rehab paid off big-time.

Watch this short video to learn of Phil’s journey back into the working world, or visit to see how our life insurance policies help safeguard our clients’ futures.

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