The oversight role of a super fund chair and its trustees over the executive team has never been more critical. That said, the salaries paid to the position will necessarily be dwarfed by compensation packages to the CEO and CIOs, given the responsibilities entailed in each.

In the year ending June 2022, AustralianSuper’s Don Russell was the most well paid industry super fund chair, taking home $298,323. UniSuper’s Ian Martin came in second, having drawn a salary of $250,193, followed by Peter Costello at the Future Fund with $247,948.

Last year, David Galbally was the highest remunerated chair, but this year rounds out the top five, earning $231,150. He is followed by Aware Super’s Neil Cochrane at $224,586.  

This data was compiled based on published reports only by Conexus Financial researchers. All care was taken in its collation. Superannuation, short term and long term incentives are included in the total reported rem dataset. Accrued annual or long service are not included, nor are non-monetary benefits. If total rem is not reported then it’s calculated from other monetary elements.

Chair compensation

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