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Rates, regulation and redistribution are all increasing. Are investors entering a new regime of higher inflation and volatility? What impact does this environment have on valuations, particularly as central banks reduce their influence? What investment style is most conducive to this market regime?
Alternative strategies can be incredibly useful as a flexible tool to solve risk and return problems, but they are largely under utilised by asset owners in Australia. Alternative strategies form a key part of the Future Fund’s portfolio toolkit. This session examined how the use of hedge funds and alternative strategies has evolved over time for Australia’s sovereign wealth fund.
Market inefficiencies can erupt due to temporary supply and demand imbalances, regulation, information asymmetries and market psychology among other reasons. This session explored how to exploit these opportunities in a market-neutral manner.
Managing a portfolio during a bull run is easy. The challenge comes in protecting clients during severe market downturns. What does the design and implementation of portfolios that can withstand market surprises look like?
Prior to joining Blackstone, Joe Dowling led Brown University’s endowment fund, as chief executive and previously a chief investment officer. Over trailing three, five, and 10-year periods, Brown endowment is placed in the top ventile of its peers, according to data maintained by Cambridge Associates. This session drew on his experience to discuss the lessons learned for using hedge funds to enhance long-term risk-adjusted return.
The Your Future Your Super (YFYS) reforms challenge the use of absolute return funds. In this exclusive keynote David Bell, executive director of The Conexus Institute, released new research on how funds can not only live with the YFYS performance test, but demonstrate a pathway forward which is consistent with asset owner best practice, namely total portfolio management.
The Your Future Your Super reforms have created challenges for absolute return funds. This session covered the impact from the suggested benchmarking to passive indices reforms and the unintended consequences. It looked at how industry is facing into these challenges and what the path ahead for the asset class looks like.

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