Cate Wood, a former national chair of Women in Super and past president of the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees speaks in depth with Robbie Campo, a Cbus executive and passionate advocate for the economic security of women in retirement about equity in super, why women are still falling behind their male peers, the thorny issue of tax concessions and the problems which will be faced by an aging Australia.
Garry Weaven, former ACTU assistant secretary and renowned industry fund builder, calls on funds to build a public case for themselves in preparation for inevitable years of negative returns and for a review into the SMSF sector in a conversation with Stewart Hawkins, editor, Investment Magazine.
Luke Barrett, general counsel at Unisuper and David Gallagher, a visiting fellow at the RoZetta Institute, discuss size, influence & concentration of the superannuation industry in private and capital markets. Moderated by Matthew Smith, managing editor, Investment Magazine.
AIA general manager group distribution, Anthony Clough, and Mercer partner, Tim Jenkins, speak to Investment Magazine’s Stewart Hawkins about insurance in super – how the new stapling rules may affect outcomes for members and what the future holds for insurance products in the industry.
ACSI CEO Louise Davidson and Aware Super CIO Damian Graham speak to Investment Magazine’s Stewart Hawkins about two issues affecting Australia’s super landscape – Globalisation and Governance. Are super funds in Australia running out of local assets to invest in? If so, where are the opportunities? Are they mainly off shore? And what are the challenges involved in engaging with companies which are operating in different regulatory environments?
Mercer Super CEO Tim Barber and KPMG’s national section leader for asset and wealth management Linda Elkins speak to Investment Magazine’s Stewart Hawkins about the controversial issue of how super funds market directly to consumers and whether the members’ money they spend doing so is justified at the end of the day and whether the spend may or may not meet funds’ fiduciary duty obligations.
UNSW governance and litigation expert Scott Donald and former risk officer advising trustee boards Damian Murphy talk to Matthew Smith about accountability of trustee directors and the impact new rules and recent regulatory actions will have on the structure of profit-for-member funds.
Brendan Coates from the Grattan Institute and SDA national assistant secretary Julia Fox debate the level of the superannuation guarantee and the clarity of the purpose of super as well as consider what the superannuation industry could do to better serve itself in a changeable policy environment.
Robert Walters’ Associate Director and Recruitment Specialist Mel Munro and Mercer Principal and Human Resources Consultant Michael Moses talk to Investment Magazine’s Stewart Hawkins about the vexing question of remuneration in the super industry, who should get paid what and why – an issue made particularly complex because of the compulsory nature of the way funds collect assets and the fiduciary duty they have to their members.
David Barnden, the lawyer responsible for bringing the landmark climate change case against Rest Super and Liza McDonald, head of responsible investing at Aware Super, talk to Matthew Smith about the shift in the climate change discussion within the superannuation industry, the member-led movement for change, government inaction and tough conversations with some asset managers.
Outgoing chair of Togethr Super Andrew Fairley and Chant West general manager Ian Fryer talk with Investment Magazine’s Matthew Smith about the great consolidation trend as well as run the ruler over some recent deal structures and funding situations before making predictions for how further consolidation will play out.
Liberal Party MP Tim Wilson and independent economist Saul Eslake speak to Investment Magazine’s Stewart Hawkins about the three pillars of retirement in Australia.