Fiducian Portfolio Services is about to launch a new version of its internal adviser desktop interface – Force NG – as it prepares to market the product to a wider audience.

Force NG (New Generation) is a revamped version of ForceFP (Financial Planning) and includes extra practice management and tax tools. It also includes data from Morningstar and the additional capability to include non-Morningstar rated products. Indy Singh, Fiducian managing director, said the product would be rolled out in tranches with the first module to be complete in the next two months. “It’s a simple, easy to use tool compared to some of the others out there. It’s designed by planners. All the unnecessary frills aren’t there,” Singh said. ForceFP is used by the 55 advisers under the Fiducian umbrella. Fiducian announced a consolidated profit after income tax of $2.23 million for the six months to end December yesterday, a 48 per cent increase on the same period in 2005. “I think the guys are working hard. We’re just sticking to our knitting,” Singh said. But the group is concentrating on diversifying its sources of revenue and in addition to ForceNG is also offering its platform – Fiducian Investment Services – and funds Fiducian Funds – to external groups. One Victorian-based dealer group is already badging the platform, and another one is about to sign on, but Singh would not reveal names.

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