So that’s all great and interesting, but once you’ve got the members even thinking about insurance, that’s your first challenge. The next one is to say, well how am I going to actually have a proper dialogue with these people to actually resolve what their level of cover should be. And that’s I think where we are truly struggling – because we start falling into the personal advice we can’t give them.

We’re developing a campaign at the moment to do some outbound calling to members in a particular targeting aged group of the membership who are typically highly under insured. But we’re not going to give them personal advice over the phone because we can’t. But what we want to do is drive them to our calculator which will help them basically self-determine what the level of cover should be. But what we realised was that our calculator needs some work. It’s not sophisticated enough. It’s very basic and it doesn’t cater to peoples’ individual circumstances. So we’ve had to sideline that a little bit until we upgrade our calculator.

But we think that’s about as far as we can go. Is to get people to…give them the tools to self-determine what the right level of cover for them actually is. But I think a better solution is to actually sit down, like an adviser does, one to one and say here’s what your situation looks like, let’s develop a product for you. Let’s give the right cover for you.

Amanda White: Everyone’s been talking about the role of the adviser.

Mario de Bono: One of the main issues that comes with respect to insurance, is just that people find it too confusing. They can’t just pick up a PDS and say, oh yeah, this all makes sense. And I want a bit of this and a bit of that and a bit of that. Someone most of the time really has to sit down with them, go through it, and provide them with proper advice.

David Atkin: I think that segmentation and data mining is really very important. That we’ve got to find ways to identify the different segments and different groupings within our databases, and then provide particular responses. What Julie was saying is absolutely right, tailoring your communication. I was just remembering at STA when I was there, we did a little exercise where we did some predictive modelling around insurance.

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