The Paul Woolley Centre for Capital Market Dysfunctionality will hold its third annual conference in Australia on October 28-30 at University of Technology Sydney. Running over three days this year rather than two, the conference features some interesting academics from Australia and overseas, as well as the former governor of the Reserve Bank, Ian Macfarlane, former Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta vice president, Robert Eisenbeis, and former boss of the old BT Australia, Rob Ferguson.

Professor David Vines, from Oxford University, will open the conference with the topic ‘Resolving the global crisis – in both the short run and the long run’. Mikhail Anufriev of the University of Amsterdam will speak on ‘The impact of short selling constraints on financial market stability’. Philipe Mueller form the London School of Economics will speak on ‘Credit conditions: bank lending and the market for corporate debt’. The Paul Woolley Centre was set up by former funds manager Paul Woolley to finance research into capital markets dyfunctionality. UTS in Australia, the London School of Economics and the University of Toulouse participate in the work.

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