RIGONI_JulieJulie Rigoni and Peter Dawson have joined forces to form a company to assist funds managers to expand their distribution, either in Australia or overseas.

The Freshwater Partnership will act as a facilitator for Australian funds managers looking to find offshore clients in Europe, Asia and the US through introductions to gatekeepers, platform providers and pension funds. This will typically involve face-to-face meetings with select parties around international events.

Freshwater (named after the Sydney northern beaches  suburb where Rigoni lives and has an office) will also assist international managers analyse the best ways to gain distribution in Australia, either through the establishment of an office, the appointment of an agent or third-party marketer or through frequent visits.

The third arm of the business will be to assist Australian institutional managers to enter the domestic retail space.

These tasks may also involve recruitment of senior personnel on behalf of funds managers.

Rigoni sold her previous business, Marketing Concepts, to Rainmaker Australia in 2007. This business staged the Best of Breed and Big Day Out events in Australia and overseas, which put together dealer group researchers and advisers with funds managers.

Dawson had been a recruitment executive with Financial Recruitment Group for the past eight years.

Both have had extensive experience in retail and wholesale sales and marketing prior to their most recent experiences. In fact, they worked together about 17 years ago at the former LGT Asset Management (now Invesco).

Dawson said the recruitment aspect of Freshwater would involve the most senior of positions only. Financial Recruitment would be an alliance partner of the firm for most of the roles where required.

Rigoni said the firm would not be undertaking any sales or third-party marketing activities itself, but rather would assist other companies to analyse and expand their distribution networks and advise on licensing, Responsible Entity appointments and so on.

“We’re not going to be charging basis points,” she said. “We’ll charge only consulting fees.”

Dawson said that both he and Rigoni had extensive international contacts and experience. For instance, he is a former director of the Australia-China Business Council.

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