AIST and FTV TalkingPoints TV have just launched Conferencein- a-Box to deliver online education for professional development points and super fund employees’ training. AIST is rolling it out to fund CEOs this week, said general manager Maryann Mannix White, and then to the wider industry. “This release of LearningOnLine is an opportunity for funds to share CMSF with colleagues who could not attend the event,” she said, “but want to take advantage of the content and want to accrue CPD points.” FTV TalkingPoints TV’s founder, Andrew Dawson, said Conference-in-a-Box (CIAB) is an online education and assessment tool based on existing conference content and includes: 1. conference sessions online 2.

purpose-built software providing a multiple-choice question and assessment module 3. participant response facility When the assessment is completed, AIST lets the participant know how many CPD points have accrued. As a safeguard, the system will not provide access to a conference program to delegates who attended – thus avoiding double-dipping on CPD points. Dawson said this launch lets AIST “leverage the content of its benchmark industry conferences and monetise its efforts to further build the learning and development training department when education is critical to the ongoing success of the industry”. FTV and AIST have been working together “in one form or another”, Dawson said, since the first Conference of Major Superannuation Funds in 1991, and have been producing broadcastready programming since 1998 for CMSF.

Dawson said it became clear that “we were documenting the Australian superannuation industry”, but no one was quite sure what to do with these accidental archives. Gradually, these archives were being used by funds as a resource to educate new recruits and FTV realised that AIST needed to move from the FTVTalkingPoints’ platform to its own dedicated distribution site. And so, FTV designed AISTTV for the conference content and to incorporate other news and video programming for member communication. “We were intent on using the conference content in a more directed educational way and were working with a like-minded web designer on our own internet TV news platform as we produced more content from conferences across the Asia Pacific.

It was clear we needed to convert the content to course work”, Dawson said. “Nick Foxall, our designer, turned the idea for multiplechoice questions into a purposebuilt software module for FTVInConference. After a couple of years of development and testing, that now forms the basis of AISTTV’s Conference-in-a-Box.” AIST’s determination to lead the way in industry education and FTV’s aim to bring broadcast news disciplines to online education tools represents a good partnership. “Our approach to CMSF production remains distinctly individual,” said Dawson. “We create a lot of pre-production, unlike any other conference of which we’re aware. “Each plenary session opens with a short film that provides the widest range of viewpoints on the session topic to encourage broader discussion in the room,” he said. These clips present viewpoints from politicians, academics, overseas and local experts, and local experts who are not speaking at the conference. “Often the most interesting contribution,” said Dawson, “are the voices of fund members in vox pops.”

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