This year features the introduction of the ME Learning Lab. This 50-seat theatre within the expo hall will host speakers for Q&A discussions, hot topics and research presentations, bringing delegates into the hall throughout the conference.

Part of the objective of Conference of Major Superannuation Funds 2017 is getting people more time with other delegates and experts. With longer break times between sessions, delegates will have more time to mingle and have discussions. Through the ME Learning Lab, people will be able to attend small, intimate sessions with some of the leading experts from the agenda.

These sessions include:

  • What does the largest labour movement in the world look like today? Hosted by Damon A. Silvers, American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) (US)
  • How do Australians approach retirement and ageing in 2017? By professor Kim Halford, University of Queensland
  • Is your organisation driving the right member experience? Julie Fedele, general manager, experience design and delivery, Retail X Innovation Lab, Bupa
  • Shifting from media planning to cultural branding with Tristan Burrell, chief strategy officer, Initiative
  • Finding the gap with Rebecca James, chief marketing officer, ME
  • Understanding human behaviour in financial decision-making, with Arun Abey, chairman, Walsh Bay Partners
  • Creating relevance via behavioural data profiling with Jessica Beresford, senior strategy consultant, Empirics (a Link Group company)
  • Connecting with members via content, by Kate Cox, managing and editorial director, made by Fairfax Media
  • Leveraging Google for member acquisition and retention, hosted by Christy Karamzalis, industry head – financial services, Google Melbourne
  • Super and banking together, by Rebecca James, chief marketing officer, ME; and Wendy Mak, general manager, digital and data analytics, Link Group.

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