Away from the conference’s scheduled events, there will be a whole range of things to do in and around the Expo Hall, including a picture studio, games and more.

This year, there are 40 exhibitors, who will be available to answer questions on their jobs and products. As with other Conference of Major Superannuation Funds events, the Expo Hall isn’t all work related. Here are some of the highlights:


You will notice a small hand-shaped attachment on your nametag. This is your personal Poken tag. Poken is a small USB and near-field communication device that contains your approved contact details – basically a digital business card. Poken also provides you with your own personal web portal to store contact information, along with any other data you collect from exhibitors over the three days. To collect info, simply touch your Poken anywhere you see the green, four-fingered hand with the white circle over the palm.

CMSF Studio

You can update your head shot at the CMSF Studio, so if you’re worried that your LinkedIn profile could do with a spruce up, drop by and get a new pic to put on it. You won’t get it there and then – it’s sent out after the event – but you’ll know it’s on the way.

There are a number of other spaces within the CMSF Central Exhibition Hall for delegates to explore as well. These include:

  • Multiple places to grab a coffee – supported by Franklin Templeton
  • The arcade – a relaxing games/hangout area for delegates
  • The CMSF Lounge – delegate networking and dining spot
  • FinTech Alley – smaller booths for financial technology start-up companies
  • The ME Learning Lab – A 50-seat theatre that will host Q&A discussions, hot topics and research presentations
  • Meeting spots, supported by Northern Trust. Quiet spaces for phone calls, meetings, networking – no pre-bookings required
  • Green hand-indicated Poken helpdesk
  • You can also drop by the AIST booth to find out what the institute has planned for 2017.

We’ll see you on the floor.

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