Michael Hasenstab, Ph.D.

A Global Macro Perspective: Populism, Trade and Emerging Market Volatility

Templeton Global Macro discuss emerging-market turbulence, the persistent concerns around trade policy and divergent growth trends in the developed world.


Templeton Global Macro weigh in on whether US Treasury yields will continue to rise, issues plaguing the eurozone and why they think the recent selloff in emerging markets is likely over.

Michael Hasenstab, Ph.D., is executive vice president and chief investment officer for Templeton Global Macro, which conducts in-depth global macroeconomic analysis covering thematic topics, regional and country analysis, and interest rate, currency and sovereign credit market outlooks. Templeton Global Macro offers global, unconstrained investment strategies through a variety of investment vehicles ranging from retail mutual funds to unregistered, privately offered hedge funds. Dr. Hasenstab is a portfolio manager for a number of funds, including Templeton Global Bond Fund and Templeton Global Total Return Fund.
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