Global Macro Shifts delivers in-depth macro-economic and asset allocation research to help you consider portfolio-level decisions featuring the analysis and views of Franklin Templeton Investments.

2019 Global Macro Outlook

Our macro-economic research looks to filter out the daily noise to reveal the underlying trends and challenge the consensus forecasts by digging deeper. Just as important, we aim not to be swayed unduly by topics that are dominating current market debate.

2019 Capital Market Expectations

Every year we review the data that drive capital markets – current valuation measures, historical risk premia, economic growth and inflation prospects.

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Templeton Global Macro Outlook

Investors that are not prepared for concurrent price corrections in US Treasuries (USTs) and other asset classes in 2019 may be exposed to unintended risks.

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Taking solace from the longer outlook

Today, with increased market volatility, divergent economic performance and looming trade wars, can we take solace in a constructive longer-term outlook?

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