Investment Magazine hosted and moderated a series of important and critical conversations in 2020 with thought leaders, asset class specialists and global leaders during a number of digitally live streamed events.

While our speakers and audiences weren’t able to be in the same room together as they have been in previous years, the immediacy and convenience of the live stream and playback features enabled the masthead to reach audiences in their homes and offices wherever they were in the world at the time.

The top ten event moments (below), ranked according to the number of views, reflect a year where change, adaption and resilience were the common threads of every conversation.


Bridgewater sees $41 trillion hole in income

The world’s largest hedge fund has built macro programs that identified the global income shortfall as well as the winners and losers from the downturn.



Human potential in an artificially intelligent world

Dr Vivienne Ming, the theoretical neuroscientist, AI expert, entrepreneur and author shares experiences from her professional and personal life with Conexus Financial CEO Colin Tate during an indepth and enlightening interview.


Reshaping global order: early and long-term fallouts from the coronavirus crisis

Professor Stephen Kotkin considers what the pandemic means for globalisation, whether geopolitical trends will accelerate, or if how a new world order will likely benefit China.


Macro investing has its time in the sun

The ongoing de-globalisation trend is certain to keep global macro strategies in the frame, with gold, currency and interest rates all likely to follow the cues of geopolitical and economic events, Graham Capital’s Pablo Calderini explains.



Mistrust and the ‘polarisation industry’: Kotkin on what’s ailing the US

Moral degradation and dramatic fall in social cohesion has fundamentally weakened US society leading into this week’s US election, according to Stephen Kotkin, and any efforts to rebuild will need to include action against the “polarisation industry” that profits from division and mistrust.



Interest rate declines hide mistakes; future growth cause for concern

Impact of central bank policy is plain to see in credit markets where the biggest concern is linked to future possibilities for economic-driven growth – GSO-Blackstone’s Dwight Scott runs the numbers during a presentation at Investment Magazine’s Absolute Returns Conference.



COVID-19, modern medicine and the hidden world of data

John Fraser describes how the University of Queensland is using big data from 350 hospitals in 49 countries to understand unique characteristics of the virus.



Structured credit, non-performing loans and the impact of banking regulations

D.E. Shaw’s Richard McKinney describes how the U.S. structured credit market is now approaching pre-crisis asset levels—but with a very different, and largely untested, investor base.



Stepping out of silos helped Cbus navigate liquidity challenge: Fok

Bringing teams together to find different ways to create liquidity over different timeframes was an important aspect of not only getting through at this critical time but also investing successfully in a substantial and rapid market recovery, the Cbus CIO describes.



Income protection clients need coaching more than therapy for chronic pain

A world-first “pain coach” trial between insurer AIA Australia and pain scientists including Professor Lorimer Mosley from the University of South Australia has produced some standout results.

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