Financial Synergy needs a new general manager for its Acurity super administration software platform, after Brian Mitchell handed in his resignation last week.

The recently-appointed chief executive of Financial Synergy, Robert Gould, said the departure was on good terms and that Mitchell would work through his notice period. “Brian came to me [last week] and indicated that after 25 years in financial services, he was interested in looking at other sectors,” Gould said. Mitchell, who ran Acurity for two years and spent three years before that as a project manager transitioning new clients to the platform, has not indicated he is going directly to another employer. Gould said he had immediately informed Acurity’s clients, which include ComSuper, UniSuper and Pillar Administration, and said they were anxious to learn how Mitchell would be replaced. “Brian had significant experience and understanding of Acurity, and deep industry contacts which we will find difficult to replicate,” Gould admitted, adding that a search process was being put in train both internally and externally. An industry source credited Mitchell with much of Acurity’s success, including the turn-around of a troubled installation at Telstra Super to the point where the fund has become a “reference client”.

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