Milestone Group delivers next generation fund administration and investment analytics software to Investment Managers, Banks, Life Companies, Custodians and Hedge Fund Administrators.

We provide thought leadership at the intersection of innovation and commercial reality and are playing a key role in contributing to initiatives achieving radical change in the market. We are constantly researching and anticipating market trends that deliver value to market participants.

We design, build and implement solutions that automate complex fund processing and analytic functions while integrating with and protecting investment in existing core technologies. The flagship pControl and pQuant platforms are designed to deliver enhanced end-to-end process control and efficiency, servicing today’s increasingly complex inter-funded product structures and related business processes. pControl is a modular business application platform that fully automates fund accounting related business processes for any pooled and unitized investment product including complex inter-funded structures.

Key modules include NAV Control, Unitised Order Management, Cash Allocation and Rebalancing, Tax and Accounting, Distributions Processing and Reconciliations; all with comprehensive reporting and audit. pControl’s flexible architecture is agile enough to allow you to quickly adapt to new market and regulatory requirements and tailor the modular solutions to meet your specific market and operational needs. pQuant performs portfolio analytics for the global investment management industry, delivering powerful real-time, multi-dimensional performance and risk analytics, combining superior levels of end-to-end process control and efficiency, together with enterprise reporting.

Milestone solutions deliver operational efficiency, reduced operational risk, improved client services and scalability to rapidly meet new growth opportunities.

NatAusBank-SPOT-LndscpeAsset Servicing is a key business unit within National Australia Bank. Currently, with in excess of AUD $615B in assets under custody, Asset Servicing is the only domestic custodian in Australia, and in 2010 will celebrate its 60th anniversary.

As an Asset Servicing client you will have the security of a contract with National Australia Bank, not a subsidiary company. You will experience a partnership with Australia’s most accomplished custodian, who reinvests into its business for the benefit of its clients, and offers a secure and robust risk management framework.

Asset Servicing develop market-innovating products, and are considered to be the market benchmark for client asset security. Asset Servicing received Top Rating in 2007, 2008 and 2009 in the Global Custody Agent Bank Survey.

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