Session One: Has Australian Unit Registry Fallen Behind Global Best Practice?
A session to discuss the state of unit registry and its standing against the rest of the world, to include a look at ways to improve outcomes for managed fund investors.
Michael Bailey, Editor, Investment & Technology
Warwick Angus, Executive Director, Computershare Fund Services
David Travers, Managing Director, RBC Dexia Securities Services
Session One: The Long-Term Prospects and Issues for Boutiques and Hedge Funds
A debate around what is the best model for boutiques – 100% independent or institutionally backed?
Byram Johnston, Chief Executive Officer, MainstreamBPO
Lochiel Crafter, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Reward Investment Alliance(ARIA)
Ian Macoun, Managing Director, Pinnacle Investment Management

Session Two: TOFA and its impact on the industry – a practical discussion on what you need to do to
David Rhind, Senior Manager – Investment Accounting Solutions, DST Global Solutions
Paul Toepfer, Head of Fund Operations State Street Australia


Session Two: Platforms – Opportunities and Threats in a New Regulatory Environment
An analysis of where this market may go – can the established mainstream providers adapt and innovate to stave off competition from ‘next-gen’ newcomers to the market?
Darren Pettiona, Director, Hub24
Tim Worner, Principal, Morse Consulting

Session Three: Industry Efficiency: Practical Insights and Key Operational Challenges
This session will examine how improved connectivity can increase efficiency, assist with product and liquidity management, improve client servicing and help alleviate margin pressures.

Geoff Hodge, Chief Executive Officer, Milestone Group


Session Three: Strategies for Managing Technology Through the Cycle
A session to discuss how to maintain investment in technology and innovation, regardless of the stage of the business cycle. Also, legislative change and its impact on technology.

Darren Stevens, Global Head of Product, Bravura Solutions
Rob Kliman, Head of Technology, JPMorgan Worldwide Securities Services

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