A week after trustees of industry funds were warned that without a brand strategy they would not survive the ‘medium term’, NGS Super has unveiled a new detailed brand, motto and manifesto.

Tom Garcia, chief executive of the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees gave the stark warning to delegates in his opening address to CMSF, but NGS Super has denied its move was made over fears of losing members.

For Lisa Samuel, marketing and strategy manager for the fund,  the rebrand was undertaken to help the fund focus on its core purpose and to gain appeal beyond its current employer base. “It got us to think about the emotional connection we can make with customers,” she said.

The new brand message is that NGS Super is ‘for those who understand the meaning of true wealth’, while its revamped website uses short, pithy statements to described the fund and its activities e.g.  ‘as an industry super fund we have low fees and are run only to benefit our members’, ‘you can choose any superfund you like…shouldn’t there be one you love?’

These values are summed up in a fund manifesto, which can be viewed here http://www.ngssuper.com.au/about-ngs-super/about-ngs-super/

The rebranding recognised that many NGS members, 65 per cent of whom are teachers, do not carry out their work just for the money.

“It is for the contribution to the communities they serve, so the brand is about recognising and celebrating that,” said Samuel. “The guiding philosophy of the brand is that we are dedicated to the dedicated.”

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