The Fund Executives Association Ltd (FEAL) and Conexus Financial, the publisher of Investment Magazine, have signed a three year partnership deal renewing an 11 year relationship.

The purpose of the partnership is to see professional standards continue to rise among institutional asset owner executives. As part of the deal, FEAL’s exclusive media partner will continue to be Investment Magazine.

Joanna Davison, chief executive of FEAL, said: “In order to achieve [the rise in professional standards] we need access to fund executives, and our media partnership helps us reach more. In the 15 years that FEAL has been in existence, the level of professionalism has increased dramatically.

“We’ve played a small part in the raising of the standards, with the support of our partners like Conexus Financial.”

Colin Tate, chief executive of Conexus Financial, said the management of both entities were acutely aware of the issues in the superannuation sector, including the need to drive value for the member, the need to prove the mandated model, the need to further create efficiencies, reduce costs, improve implementation, digitise, and accelerate the quality of the member experience.

“FEAL and Conexus Financial are aligned in helping deliver these services to the sector while being respectful and not cannibalising each other’s direct activities,” Tate said.

Tate added that FEAL has been wise in pursuing education programs for the direct reports of the chief executive of super funds, which were “increasingly becoming absolutely enormous institutions”.

“This [education] aligns perfectly with the focus of Conexus Financial activities. It complements our various conferences; it certainly provides high-quality content for our publications; and further reach and depth for both organisations.”

He added that as the industry further grows in assets under management and consolidates, the senior executive would become increasingly time poor and in need of unique knowledge, information and education.

“And the combined efforts of FEAL and Conexus Financial enhance that,” Tate said.

“I would highlight we are also partners with IMCA, the CFA institute, and AIST. We think each of these organisations serve a different purpose and certainly complement the activities of FEAL.”


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