Local Government Super (LGS) has appointed Gordon Brock to the board of directors, effective September 1, 2016.

Brock will replace Martin O’Connell, following his resignation from the board after 17 years of service.

Brock has over 20 years’ experience in business, and is a highly regarded workplace relations leader. He is currently a director at the Local Government Engineers’ Association (LGEA) where he plays a key role in determining the strategic objectives of the LGEA at both the national and divisional levels.

Brock is responsible for ensuring the delivery of industrial and other services to LGEA members employed in the local government, energy and water sectors across NSW.

Commenting on the appointment, LGS chief executive officer Peter Lambert said how much the board is looking forward to welcoming Brock as a new director.

“He has a wealth of workplace relations experience which we know will be of immense value to LGS. But these aren’t his only skills. He also brings excellent managerial and financial skills to the role and these will also be of great benefit to our members,” Lambert said.

He went on to thank O’Connell for his long and distinguished service to LGS.

“Martin was first appointed to the LGS board in October 1999, and since then has worked tirelessly to support both LGS and our members. His contribution has been invaluable, particularly in recent years as the chair of the board’s investment committee. We certainly wish him all the best in his future endeavours,” he said.

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