David Hartley, the former chief investment officer of Sunsuper, has been appointed to the board of the $7 billion Australian Catholic Super fund.

Hartley brings 35 years’ investment experience to the role, including 10 years at Sunsuper and 12 years at Mercer, where he served as an investment consultant for Australian Catholic Super. He will start in this new role on February 24.

He will serve as an employer representative, though Greg Cantor, chief executive of Australian Catholic Super, said he could easily be reclassified as an independent.

“David had been appointed to a vacant employer-appointed position, but in the event the legislation changes, he will definitely fit the independent definition,” said Cantor. “He is not a member of the fund and has not had anything to do with the fund for more than a decade.”

On announcing his resignation as chief investment officer of Sunsuper in August, Hartley said he would be looking at a range of opportunities that would make use of his investment expertise.

Richard Haddock, chair of the Sydney-based Australian Catholic Super fund, acknowledged the high demand for Hartley’s services.

“He is keenly sought in providing his views and insights on the superannuation industry and we look forward to gaining the benefits of both his expertise and knowledge as a board member.”

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