Tom Gavin

Eze OMS, an order management system (OMS) for boutique funds managers, will soon roll out data warehousing to its client base, which in Australia includes Paradice Investment Management and Caledonia Investments.

The feature would enable boutiques to store trading information from the OMS and other external sources, including custodians, and perform tasks such as time-series reporting, performance attribution and analysis, said Tom Gavin, the Boston-based CEO of Eze Castle Software said.

“This will allow us to take a snapshot of information, intra-day, and pull off data from other sources, and slice and dice reporting,” Gavin said.

To store this data, boutiques have depended upon fund accounting systems and external data warehouses, such as the enterprise data management platform offered by GoldenSource.

Gavin said the new functionality was emerging from formative “beta testing” with some US clients and would be rolled out in the next of the vendor’s major product upgrades, which occur each 12–16 months.

Other strategic initiatives underway include Eze Web, which would allow managers to access the OMS remotely through the internet, and a new risk tool applying a “vendor agnostic” appraisal of risk analytics providers to let managers import selected risk management tools into the OMS, he said.

The OMS vendor set up its Australia office in late 2009 under former head of European sales Chris O’Connor. Gavin commented that the financial crisis prompted “a real sales boom” for the OMS provider as institutional investors insisted that asset managers improve the integrity of their systems.

“The crisis created our second-biggest sales year ever. Some companies that were pretty big and were able to get by on inbuilt infrastructure and now needed something that could provide attribution, trading history, compliance and so on. It created a real sales boom.”

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