After only seven issues (including this one) it may be too early for I&T News to stage a retrospective but we’re going to do it anyway in the time-honoured end-of-year publishing tradition.

A statistical review of the most popular stories to date has revealed that I&T readers appear more interested in new regulatory requirements facing financial planners than any other topic. The figures show that our report ‘Conflict ahead as new draft compliance document hits planner desks’ on November 22, was the most read story in the editions of this newsletter published so far. The next most read story was ‘Gay jibe sparks up super fund ratings debate’, followed by ‘Merrill’s new SMA comes in at less than 1% in fees’. Obviously the financial services industry is in need of a holiday and I&T News can now reveal that a break is looming. This is the last edition of I&T News for the year. We will be publishing again on January 10. We wish all our readers a regulation-free Christmas and a New Year without conflict.

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