Navigator’s fund-of-funds products have garnered $750 million in the year or so since their launch, according to Rob Donaghy, Navigator’s Group Director Products

Donaghy said the demand for Navigator’s Pre Select funds took off particularly in the last half of 2005. The Pre Select funds are constructed by Mercer Investment Consulting and span a range of asset classes and risk profiles. Donaghy said investors and advisers are increasingly looking for effective multi-manager products. “Investors choose a Pre Select Fund for a number of reasons, for example they can be especially attractive for those with lower balances who are still looking to diversify their investment portfolio,” Donaghy said in a statement. “However, they can also work well for investors with higher balances who are looking to invest with a number of quality investment managers at a competitive price.” A spokesperson for Navigator said further details about which Pre Select funds drew the most support were not available for “competitive” reasons.

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