After raising $147.5 million from several Australian institutions last October, US power plant investor, Energy Investors Funds (EIF), is likely to return to Australia this year to help fill a new fund.

Likely to be first tapped on the shoulder by the infrastructure manager are those who contributed to EIF’s US Power Fund II – Access Economics clients MTAA Super, Westscheme and SA’s Statewide Super, as well as Challenger’s life insurance statutory fund and Military Super. The new fund will again concentrate on US power plants and seek to raise $US1-1.25 billion, according to EIF managing partner John Buehler, making it roughly 50 per cent larger than its predecessor. The new fund will be a ten year closed-end vehicle, and target annualised gross returns over 20 per cent, most of it in income form. The local placement agent for EIF is Principle Advisory Services, which is currently looking to employ a new business development manager.

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