Navigator has been judged the most improved wrap for calendar 2006 by Investment Trends’ third annual Platform Report, with analysts finding evidence of good ‘all-round’ performances across assessment categories.

The report, due for public release in coming weeks, found Navigator recently advanced both its investment and software capabilities, making it an adept “all-rounder” in the platform industry, Ramin Marzbani, Investment Trends analyst, said. Navigator was also judged second-best platform, behind Avanteos. The report analysed 23 platforms and 15 providers across 300 functional points that were subsequently grouped into six criteria. In order of weighting, these were: products; transactions; decision support; reporting; access and permissions; and integration. Navigator was found to conduct best practice in transactions, maintained a good menu of products and posted impressive ‘all-round’ performances across all categories. Analysts found its n-link software, provided at no cost to advisors, integrated cohesively with the Navigator platform, enabling advisors to make immediate electronic transactions and avoid excessive paperwork. “Navigator made their platform talk to the n-link software. It generated all the action on the screen, which gives visibility of work flow,” Marzbani said.

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