Jack Gray, GMO co-head of asset allocation, will present at his last UNHCR Twilight Seminar for Australia on March 7, 2007 before he moves to Boston.

Gray will speak on “The Economics of Happiness” at the function which will raise funds for UNHCR’s Sudan Emergency Appeal. “The commonsense view that wealth and happiness are not synonymous is now supported by economic analyses and insights. This seminar will explore the profound policy and investment consequences that some believe are just around the corner,” Gray says. Late last year Gray became a special representative for Australian for UNHCR. He has already visited one UNHCR project in Sri Lanka in 2005 and plans to visit another. Tickets for the seminar cost $50 and bookings can be made with Sue Cowden on sue.cowden@australiaforunhcr.org.au.

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