Investors hold a more optimistic outlook than financial planners towards equities returns for the approaching economic quarter, according to brandmanagement research.

The brandmanagement Adivser and Investor Sentiment Index survey shows that investor attitude towards shares returns rose almost four points since the previous quarter, from 21.9 to 25.5. While adviser disposition towards equities rose concurrently, it trailed that of investors, rising from 16.2 to 19.7 points. The two indices gauged respondents’ sentiment from values of -50, the most pessimistic measure, through to zero, which is neutral, to the totally positive value of +50. To calculate the index, brandmanagement surveyed 652 advisers and 998 planners in separate weeks during May and asked questions concerning repondents’ expectations of the Australian economy’s pace of growth, Australian sharemarket returns, whether shares would outperform residential property, whether the international sharemarket would benefit or detract from portfolio returns and whether they were likely to increase allocations to Australian equities in their portfolios.

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