Maple-Brown Abbott has launched three funds domiciled in Dublin to mirror its local offerings in Australian and Asian equities.

The funds were created to meet the demand of European investors who had difficulty accessing the Australian funds because of regulatory compliance laws. “The Dublin funds comply with UCITS; a form of compliance necessary for European investors,” John Kightley, managing director and chief investment officer at Maple-Brown Abbott said. “The Dublin domiciled funds make it much easier for them to invest.” The three funds – Australian Equities, Asian Equities and Asia-Pacific Equities – were launched on October 22. They are the first internationally available version of the local Maple-Brown Abbott funds of the same names. RBC Dexia Investor Services has been selected by Maple-Brown Abbott to provide global custody, fund administration and shareholder services to the funds. “We have used RBC Dexia for years, and they are experts at what they do,” Kightley said. Maple-Brown Abbott manages $19 billion.

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