Jack Gray, former strategist with GMO, will present at an upcoming Australia for UNHCR Twilight Seminar about managing information overload in an age where words, figures and other data are produced exponentially.

Gray will deliver a presentation titled, ‘Info info everywhere nor any time to think’. By answering the question: ‘can cows walk downstairs?’, he will discuss ways of distinguishing vacuous drivel from meaningful, context-dependent information, before progressing onwards to zero-in on the revelatory quality of wisdom. The seminar will begin at 6pm on March 4 at the Lightwell Auditorium in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia chambers. Neil Cochrane, deputy chief executive officer of Colonial First State Global Asset Management, will introduce the proceedings. Australia for UNHCR is a fundraising instrument for the Office of the United Nations High Commisioner for Refugees (UNHCR), an agency mandated to lead international action to protect refugees and resolve crises and problems faced by refugees worldwide.

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