Pinnacle Investment Management’s first-ever director of distribution and client relationships started work in Melbourne this morning, after finishing a seven year stint with Legg Mason (formerly Citigroup Asset Management) on Friday.

Andrew Chambers will be responsible for client and intermediary relationships on behalf of four boutiques part-owned by Pinnacle – Australian equity shops Solaris and Plato, LPT manager Resolution Capital and infrastructure manager Palisade. The managing director of Pinnacle, Ian Macoun, said Chambers’ Legg Mason experience was valuable because it also involved representing a multi-affiliate manager model. Macoun said a Sydney-based equivalent to Chambers was in the process of being appointed. Legg Mason’s Australian head of distribution, Kimon Kouryialas, said Chambers was being replaced and added the firm was also searching for a Melbourne-based head of client relationships and a further Sydney-based BDM.

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