Making better decisions is “a simple process” says director of Spandah, Christo Norden-Powers, who will present the final session at the FEAL National Conference, on August 27 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney.

A former lawyer, Norden-Powers has coached Australian Olympic athletes about maintaining peak performance and worked with many organisations worldwide to develop their corporate cultures. For organisations, the first step involved in making a good decision involves “supporting a culture of honest and open communication. There needs to be communications between the board and executive team, and it must filter down through the organisation.” Norden-Powers adds: “We often make the wrong decisions because management is not receiving quality information to pass onto executive teams and board members”. The second stage involves asking the right questions ~ which is something many find difficult to do. It’s almost a lost art in corporations and government organisations, mainly because it is not something that’s taught at school or university. “If we don’t pick it up from life experience, or a good mentor, we’re unlikely to gain the level of questioning skill required for business,” he says. The FEAL National Conference will address the theme ‘Making Better Decisions’. “;The program will deliver practical information to help current and future leaders in our industry improve business outcomes by improving thought process,” says FEAL CEO Michael Baldwin. The FEAL National Conference will be held on 27 August 2008 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney (9am-5pm). It is presented in partnership with Russell Investments. Other presenters include Dr Jack Gray, Dr Michael Hewitt Gleeson, Founder of the School of Thinking and Dr Paul Kirkbride, Melbourne Business School. For further details visit

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