As our loyal readers will know, I&T News covers the waterfront when it comes to Australia’s institutional investment industry, with everything from regulation, backoffice technology, to investment trends getting airtime. But no matter what the subject, it’s the stories you can’t find on any press release that have the greatest appeal – both for us to report and, as our trusty click-counter shows, for you to read.

We’ve got nothing against press releases, even if none of the stories mentioned above came from one. They often contain helpful information, and as a means of broadly communicating a particular version of events, they are no doubt effective.

However, they tell you nothing about what really makes this industry tick.

I&T News’ aim is to find out what does, and share it with you every Tuesday morning.

Thank you for your support in 2008. I&T News will be back with a somewhat truncated edition next week, but for the many of you who won’t be in the office – have a great Christmas break, and I&T News will return to your inbox on Tuesday, January 6.

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