After integrating the Bluedoor administration system into its contributions and payments processes, the $2.4 billion Labour Union Cooperative Retirement Fund (LUCRF) will begin melding the system with its website to enhance its interactivity.

The long migration to the DST Global Solutions-owned Bluedoor, an automated administration system, had greatly cut down the manual workload for the fund’s operations staff, Greg Sword, general manager of LUCRF, said.

“We’ve done the most important part – processing contributions and payments – without problems,” Sword said.

The next phase would be increasing the interactivity of the fund’s website.

The automated administration system now meant that only those member forms with required information fields left unfilled had to be processed manually.

“We’re aiming to get to a point where we only process manual exceptions.”

He said the fund would redeploy operations staff no longer needed in their old roles, now that an automated administration system was in place, to client services and business development functions.

“We’ll reallocate resources into building relationships with employers and members.

“Nothing is as important as relationships.” 


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