A Melbourne-based consulting firm is looking to hire two investment analysts and one consultant in a move that goes against the industry trend of downsizing, as it expands its team in response to client demand.

Frontier Investment Consulting is seeking to add three people to its 27-strong stable of consulting staff, having already recruited two analysts in the last four months.

Managing director Fiona Trafford-Walker said the recruitment drive was a reflection of growth and demand from existing clients, and a small amount of new business.

“Also, as we grow we’d like to add one net new client per year so we don’t have any aggressive business growth plans, we’re more worried about making sure that we stay a strong team, because a strong team is a differentiating factor for us,” Trafford-Walker said.

“These are three net new positions, which goes against a trend. We haven’t laid anybody off and it’s the reverse, we’re thinking of putting new people on, so it will be a good time to pick up some good people I hope.”

Earlier this year, Frontier hired Martin Thompson and Aaron Yew as analysts. Yew was formerly at management consultant Strategic Project Partners, while Thompson was at venture capital manager Starfish Ventures.

In December, the firm hired Jennifer Lam as an associate consultant and Ching Lee as an analyst.

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