AustralianSuper may have indexed half its Australian equities portfolio but that has not stopped it from upgrading its resources to assess active manager skill.

The fund has recently signed up to the Inalytics service. Inalytics said that it would provide AustralianSuper with quant analysis of the fund’s investment managers. It is expected the fund will use the system to highlight possible patterns and trends that could be emerging in the portfolio and use this in the manager review process.

Inalytics was launched in the UK in 1998 by chief executive Rick Di Mascio. He appointed Amanda Field to launch the Australian office in 2007.

The firm provides analysis to identify investment manager skill by assessing the added value from each trade and portfolio position, including underweight’s and shorts in an attempt to determine patterns of behaviour and persistent skills.

Field said AustralianSuper’s appointment confirmed that there had been a growing demand from super funds, multi-managers and managers themselves for better quant analysis to get behind the track records and identify manager skill.


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