Superpartners’ head of project delivery left on Friday – in the middle of running the largest superannuation system replacement project in Australian history.

A Superpartners spokesperson would only say that Jane Collyer, an eight-year veteran of the firm who ran the massive project to integrate administration for the AustralianSuper merger, had left for personal reasons.

She has been replaced by Kerry Crompton, an IT integration consultant who has accepted a 12-month contract.  Crompton has previously been chief information officer at Bank of New Zealand, Medibank Private and, for three years in the early 2000s, Members Equity Bank.

Sources within Superpartners’ industry fund owners and clientele said the departure of Collyer would almost certainly disrupt the timely delivery of its new administration platform, known internally as ElectSP, which is based on Synchronised Software’s CapitalX engine and aims to replace 20 legacy systems at a stroke.

India’s Tata Consulting won the contract to provide systems integration, a decision in which Collyer was understood to be instrumental, however the working relationship with Tata is said by some to have been problematic.

Funds had been scheduled to start going live on ElectSP within the next three months, with Cbus understood to be an early cab off the rank.

Meanwhile, the Superpartners spokesperson said the administrator’s enterprise resource planning platform went live as scheduled on July 1, with SAP the vendor and CSC the systems integrator.


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