Ian MacfarlaneThe third annual conference of the Paul Woolley Centre for Capital Market Dysfunctionality – October 28-30 – will see a former Reserve Bank Governor discuss the topic: ‘The Crash of the Financial System: Bad Luck or Bad Structure?’.

This question will be addressed by a panel to be chaired by Ian Macfarlane, former governor of the Reserve Bank, and promises to be a lively session given the diverse perspectives that the following panel members will bring to the topic: Thomas Clarke, Rob Ferguson, Jack Gray and Gordon Menzies.

The question also will be the focus in the presentations of four world renowned speakers. Professor Harrison Hong (Princeton) will discuss how the Global Financial Crisis has identified shortcomings in the work of both economic and finance academics. Dr. Bob Eisenbeis (ex Atlanta Fed), who did such a great job last year in explaining the genesis of the crisis, will come back to evaluate the appropriateness and the success of the policies that have been implemented over the last 12 months. Professor Peter Dixon (Monash) will continue this theme when discussing the modelling of the crisis that he has undertaken for the Centre and the US Government. Professor David Vines (Oxford) will outline the lessons that should be learned from the crisis by the regulators in the short- and longer-term.

In other sessions, Ron Bird of the Univerrsity of Technology and Paul Woolley of the London School of Economics will outline the research being conducted at the three Centres (UTS, LSE and Toulouse University), and local and overseas academics will present 12 papers that have been commissioned by the Centre because of their relevance to the functionality of capital markets. 

The conference will be conducted over three days (October 28
to October 30) at the University of Technology Sydney. Attendance is by
invitation only but anyone who would like to attend should email Yvonne Gray ([email protected]) to indicate
their interest and request the conference program.   

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