Investment managers are the target of MercerInsight MPA, Mercer’s in-the-Cloud and latest version of its MPA performance analytics tool, with most of Australia’s managers already using the current version, according to Andrew Harrex, Mercer principal. MercerInsight MPA will “enable subscribers to slice-and-dice performance data” from more than 200 Mercer “universes” populated by 3,700 investment managers who manage more than 20,000 different strategies, Harrex says. The data in MercerInsight MPA is sourced almost entirely from Mercer’s Global Investment Manager Database (GIMD).

MercerInsight MPA will: • link directly to a manager’s own GIMD entry for easy analysis of track records in Mercer’s peer groups • convert returns into any major currency • provide more information such as assets under management, benchmark, investment process • plot any statistic on any chart and combine products from different asset classes using the charting engine • compile up to eight statistics or time periods on a single chart • save favourite groups of products and exhibits for use in future analyses, and

• easily export performance information Mercer’s MPA (Manager Performance Analytics) began as an in-house quantitative tool 17 years ago in 1993 to analyse investment managers’ past performance against their peers, a Mercer peer group and a relevant index over time. “It was built by investors for investors and then commercialised in 1995,” said Harrex, “and is now used by more than 2,000 staff and clients representing assets of more than $3 trillion worldwide.”

Since MPA’s birth in 1993, five new tools have been launched, the most important being the qualitative Excel-based Global Investment Manager Database launched in 2000, commercialised in 2003 for institutional investors, and which is now entrenched enough to be known colloquially as “Jim D”. Mercer is delivering this latest version of MPA in stages to the various market segments. Investment managers are first in the line, followed by the “mega-fiduciary funds in a couple of months,” said Harrex.

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