To the Editor:


Since IronBridge was not contacted for comment regarding your story entitled “Global Equities Golden Child Stumbles” dated March 15, 2011, I wish to address a couple of points touched on in the piece, to ensure that your readers have the facts and the investment industry has accurate information.


First, I humbly disclaim having “invented the CFROI Valuation Model.”  The CFROI Valuation model was created in the mid-1980’s by HOLT Value Associates, where I was a founding partner prior to the 1999 launch of IronBridge Capital Management.  Since our inception in 1999, IronBridge has developed, and to this day continues to utilize, a proprietary economic return valuation model in the management of equity portfolios including our Global Focus strategy.


Second, IronBridge has managed global equities since our 1999 launch, utilizing the same investment process and philosophy that is applied to all our investment strategies.  IronBridge has achieved positive excess returns in global equities prior to our former colleagues’ arrival in 2005.  We are quite confident about the IronBridge Global Focus team, our fundamental processes and strategies, and our prospects for continuing to achieve positive excess returns for our clients.




Christopher C. Faber

President, IronBridge Capital Management, L.P.

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