Self-managed super fund investors, who account for more than $432 billion, need tailored products from dedicated investment professionals focused on this group, says the Self-managed Super Fund Professionals Association.

“The way in which people will invest in the future will be based on education,” says Andrea Slattery, the association’s chief executive.

“If investment funds want to develop and deliver products and services for this sector they need to understand the different demographics and requirements for wealth accumulation and retirement.”

Self-managed super funds, often husband and wife teams, account for 32 per cent of the $1.35 trillion superannuation market. The average age of the 850,000 members of self-managed super funds is 45 to 55 years. They are not interested in a pension and want to prolong their careers, says Slattery.

“There are a significant number of people who are seeking more flexible investment options that are less risky.” She says. “Those wanting to sell to our members should be a specialist adviser that delivers products for the self-managed funds member.”

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