Shawn Burns is looking for work. The former second-in-command at Integrity Investment Management, who was fired on June 28, wants to be employed as a fund manager again.

“I want to get back into the industry,” said Burns in a July 11 telephone interview. “I think I’m good at fund management. I’ll have to see what’s out there.”

Burns was fired after allegedly breaching the firm’s internal personal trading rules, downloading and copying confidential company information, providing help for a potential competitor and having pornography on his computer.

Burns would not comment on the allegations against him. He was hopeful the allegations would not damage his professional or personal reputation.

“I wouldn’t have thought it’s a huge issue,” he said.

Burns said he didn’t think setting up his own firm was feasible as he did not have a team with a track record ready to follow him into a new venture. He has not thought about working overseas.

“I haven’t a job lined up,” he said. “Have you heard of any jobs?”

2 comments on “Shawn Burns: “Have you heard of any jobs?””

    Seriously… I never though I&T would fall as low as UK tabloid fiasco’s like News of the World. Whoever thought at I&T that the three articles about this event is newsworthy should be shown the door.


      I completely concur Phil. The I&T appears as is if it is trying to re-brand itself as some kind of Investment tabloid. Totally destroys any integrity (pun intended) that you have.

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