Van Athukorala, a senior portfolio manager, will leave the combined investment team of AMP Capital and IPAC on March 30.

“As a result of the teams merging we identified duplication in four roles,” says an AMP Capital statement.

Guneet Rana, a senior investment manager, Simon Romijn, a senior investment specialist and John Zavone, a senior portfolio manager will leave or have left.Rana and Romijn were from IPAC. Zavone and Romjin were from AMP.

The combined IPAC and AMP investment team manages about $25 billion.

Romijn has formed his own firm, Transcap Investment Ltd. after he left AMP in January. He attended Ron Bird’s workshop on asset management at the University of Technology’s Paul Woolley Centre for the Study of Capital Market Dysfunctionality last week.

Transcap is an investment consulting service on ecnvironmental, social and governance matters. Romijn hopes to do third-party marketing.



4 comments on “Van Athukorala to leave AMP Capital”

    Using your logic amp insider, obviously means you have no talent otherwise you would no longer be an insider. Here’s some free career advice, if you dont like the place you work at, move!


      david jones, do you know how many people have been retrenched lately in the finance industry

      come the bull market i am out of here, off to macquarie where they actually pay a bonus!!!


    sean heneghan (van’s boss) was scared of van’s talents

    so in true amp capital style, when somebody more junior with talent threatens you, shoot them!

    all fact here, no fiction


    Poor bastard, another good man shot by amp

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