Investors will be able to monitor Australia’s fixed-income market at any point during the trading day, with S&P Indices the first Australian index provider to launch intra-day pricing for its series of indexes.

The real-time index values will enable investors to better measure the impact of major news, economic announcements, and market and political events on underlying bond values, according to S&P Indices Australian head Guy Maguire.

S&P have also announced two new indices focusing on government inflation-linked bonds and corporate debt.

The S&P/ASX Corporate Issuer Equal Weight Index provides a narrower, equally weighted solution comprising of defined corporate issues.

Along with its two newest indexes, S&P will also provide multiple-currency pricing for its fixed-income indices across a basket of seven other currencies.

“Given the momentum swing towards fixed income assets by investors in recent times, it is critical that a well diversified series of fixed-income indices is available to investors, built on the cornerstones of transparency, investability, liquidity and independence.”

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