Mandiri Investasi’s chief executive Abiprayadi Riyanto has been in Australia meeting with large super funds and investment consultants, and talking up the story of Indonesia’s “rapid growth momentum.”

Mandiri Investasi is the investment arm of Indonesia’s PT Bank Mandiri, and has around A$2 billion under management across large- and small-cap equities and fixed income. It also announced earlier this year that it would launch an infrastructure fund, as Indonesia focuses on a new round of building facilities such as ports and highways.

“We are hoping to attract around A$200 million or so from Australian institutions, but it is an education process as people understand the legal structure and the Indonesian opportunity,” Riyanto said in a telephone interview.

“The restoration of Indonesia’s investment-grade status by Fitch and Moody’s is helping confidence.”

Riyanto has become a frequent visitor to Australia, and last week spoke at the Investing in Asia Conference in Melbourne, of which Mandiri Investasi was a sponsor.

Mandiri is partnering with Melbourne-based AFM Investment Partners to access Australian institutions.

AFM managing director, John Donovan, said he was seeing “significant interest” in Indonesia.

“We think the next wave of super investment will be into the region through local investment managers,” said Donovan.

“We really think that Indonesia will become part of portfolios going forward.”

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