The winners of the 2013 Australian Custodial Services Association (ACSA) Awards were announced at last week’s 2013 Investment Administration Conference, a Conexus Financial event in association with ACSA.

At the conference’s gala dinner, ACSA recognised achievements within the custody and investment administration industry. Emad Hanna, technical training manager at BNP Paribas, John Leahy, head of risk in asset servicing at National Australia Bank and Nicholas Parker, the former executive director of financial services risk management at Ernst & Young were all honoured.

In addition, Sandra Powell, manager of business management at HSBC Securities Services, received a Service to Industry award for her long-term contribution to the sector.

Selection criteria

The winners have all made significant contributions to ACSA’s seven working groups, which are focused on advancing developments within the custody and investment administration industry, and were selected by the ACSA board from a pool of nominations.

ACSA chair, Pierre Jond, says the organisation wanted to ensure that quiet achievers were rewarded as well. “Some people have been putting up a lot of work, and they need to be appreciated and recognised for their contribution.”

He says ACSA looked for a mixture of elements, including commitment.

“A lot of them have been spending their time above and beyond their day jobs. Some of it will be around competence as well. The association recognises the fact that some people bring a lot of expertise to the table,” he tells I&T News.

“Above the competence and commitments, if it’s sprinkled with a dash of passion and you show some leadership as well, they’re values we always like to encourage.”

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